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1.Xiaojing Xu, Honghong Shao, Jianchang Gao, Kangmin Chen, Xiaonong Cheng. Effect of SiC film on tensile properties of nanostructured Ti produced by compressive deformation at liquid nitrogen temperature. Materials Science and Engineering: A, 2008, 493(1-2): 195-201. 《SCI》《EI》

2.Honghong Shao, Chunhang Yu, Xiaojing Xu, Ji Wang, Rui Zhai, Xiaojing Wang. Influence of Ti nanocrystalization on microstructure, interface bonding, surface energy and blood compatibility of surface TiO2 films. Applied Surface Engineering. 2010, 257(5): 1649-1654.《SCI》《EI》

3.Fei Zhou, Kangmin Chen, Meiling Wang, Xiaojing Xu, Hua Meng, Min Yu, Zhendong Dai. Friction and wear properties of CrN coatings sliding against Si3N4 balls in water and air. Wear, 2008, 265(7-8): 1029-1037.《SCI》《EI》

4.Y.J. Chen, Y.J. Li, X.J. Xu, J. Hjelen, H.J. Roven. Novel deformation structures of pure titanium induced by room temperature equal channel angular pressing. Materials Letters, 2014, 117: 195-198.《SCI》《EI》

5.Xu Xiaojing, Jia Weijie, Tan Cheng, Du Donghui, Huang Peng, Zhang, Chong. Microstructure evolution of 7085 aluminum with different initial deformation energy storage in fast and slow heating process. Mater. Res. Express 4 (2017) 106509.《SCI》

6.Chenyu Zhu, Xiaojing Xu, Hao Wang, Jinxin Zhu and Fan Yang. Effect of Mg on microstructure and properties of Al-8.95Zn-(1.9~2.6)Mg-1.18Cu-0.44Zr rolled aluminum alloy.  Mater. Res. Express R1 (2018) 107937.《SCI》

7.Xiaojing Xu, Chenyu Zhu, Hao Wang, Weijie Jia, Donghui Du, Chengbin Cai, Tianlun Wang. Effect of Zn/Mg and Cu/Mg on microstructure and properties of Al-xZn-3.0Mg-yCu-0.2Zr rolled aluminum alloy. Mater. Res. Express 6 (2019) 016527.《SCI》

8.Chengbin Cai, Xiaojing Xu, Jindong Huang, Shihao Ju, Qing Ding, Chengsong Wang. Effect of pre-recovery on microstructure and properties of rolled Al-12.18Zn-3.31Mg-1.43Cu-0.20Zr-0.04Sr aluminum alloy. International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials. SCI. 2019, 26(2): 241-250.《SCI》

9.Jiang, Ze; Xu, Xiaojing; Zhu, Chenyu; Mao, Qiang; Zhang, TianCi; Wang, Hao; Jia, Weijie. Anisotropy of microstructure and properties of high strength extruded-hot pressed aluminum alloy. Mater. Res. Express. Accepted.《SCI》

10.Li, Chong; Xu, Xiaojing; Wang, Saifu; Cai, Chengbin; Ju, Shihao; Huang, Jindong; Yang, Song.  Microstructure and Properties of Al and Al-Cr coatings on nickel-based superalloy GH625 by a Thermal Diffusion Process. Mater. Res. Express. Accepted.《SCI》

11.Xu, Xiaojing; Jiang, Ze; Mao, Qiang; Zhang, Tianci; Du, Donghui; Zhu, Chenyu; Wang, Hao. Effect of multi-stage solution and aging process on microstructure and properties of AL-10.7Zn-2.8Mg-1.2Cu-0.2Zr aluminum alloy extrusion materials. Mater. Res. Express. Accepted.《SCI》

12.Liu, Zheng; Xu, Xiaojing; Zhang, Bin; Chen, Hanhui; Wang, Tianlun; Zhang, Jinsong; Zhang, Keren; Zhang, Jie; Yang, Fan. Effect of Mn Element on Microstructure and Properties of 7000 Series Ultra High Strength Rolled Aluminum Alloy. Mater. Res. Express. Accepted.《SCI》

13.Jiang, Ze; Xu, Xiaojing; Cheng, Hao; Liu,  Qing jun; Zhang, Xu; Zhou, Kai Xiang; huang, jing. Effect of submicron Sn and heat treatment temperature on corrosion resistance of Ni-P composite coatings. Mater. Res. Express. Accepted. 《SCI》

14.Tabie, Vitus; Shi, Xiaodong; Li, Jianwei; Cai, Chengbin; Li, Chong; Xu, Xiaojing. High temperature oxidation and corrosion resistances of Ti-4Si-xZr-yY2O3/5TiO2 Composites Prepared by High-Energy Milling and Cold Pressed Sintering. Mater. Res. Express. Accepted. 《SCI》

15.Wang, Tianlun; Xu, Xiaojing; Zhang, Jie; Chen, Hanhui; Zhu, Chenyu; Zhang, Jinsong; Zhang, Keren. Effect of Mg on Microstructure and Properties of 6000 Series High Strength and High Plastic Aluminum Alloy. Mater. Res. Express. Accepted. 《SCI》

16.Li Chong, Xu Xiaojing, Wang Saifu, M Vitus, Liu Zhigang, Zhang Tianci. Microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy processed by integrated extrusion and equal channel angular pressing (iECAP) and heat treatment. Mater. Res. Express. Accepted.《SCI》

17.Xu Xiaojing, Li Chong, Wang Saifu, Tabie Vitus, Yang Song, Zhang Tianci, Liu Yangguang. High-temperature oxidation and hot corrosion behavior of the Cr-modified aluminide coating obtained by a Thermal Diffusion Process. Mater. Res. Express. Accepted. 《SCI》

18.M, Vitus; Xu, Xiaojing; Jiang, Ze; Xiaoyu, Zhang; Li, Chong; WANG, Saifu; Liu, Yang guang. Effect of extrusion-Bc ECA integration technology on microstructure and properties of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-Zr Alloy. Mater. Res. Express. Accepted. 《SCI》

19.Qian Zhu, Chao Zhang, Jose L.Curiel-Sosa, TinhQuoc Bui, XiaojingXu. Finite element simulation of damage in fiber metal laminates under high velocity impact by projectiles with different shapes. Composite Structures. 2019, 214: 73-82. 《SCI》

20.Hongyu Liang, Yongfeng Bu, Yanhu Zhang, Xiaojing Xu, Junyan Zhang.Conversion of organic films into fluorine-containing onion carbon as anti-adhesion solid lubricants. Materials Letters, 2018, 233: 310-313.《SCI》

21.Jie Cai, Chengzuan Gao, Peng Lv, Conglin Zhang, Qingfeng Guan, Jinzhong Lu, XiaojingXu. Hot corrosion behaviour of thermally sprayed CoCrAlY coating irradiated by high-current pulsed electron beam. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2019, 784:1221-1233. 《SCI》

22.Lijie Zuo, Bing Ye, Jian Feng, Xiaojing Xu, Xiangyang Kong, Haiyan Jiang. Effect of δ-Al3CuNi phase and thermal exposure on microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-Si-Cu-Ni alloys. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2019, 791: 1015-1024. 《SCI》

23.Jie Cai, Peng Lv, Qingfeng Guan, Xiaojing Xu, Jinzhong Lu, Zhiping Wang, Zhiyong Han. Thermal Cycling Behavior of Thermal Barrier Coatings with MCrAlY Bond Coat Irradiated by High-Current Pulsed Electron Beam. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2016, 8, 32541-32556. SCI (一区), IF= 7.145

24.Song Weiwei, Xiaojing Xu. Study on the corrosion of copper alloy by friction stir surface processing. ANTI-CORROSION METHODS AND MATERIALS. 2016, 63: 190-195.《SCI》

25.Xiaojing Xu, Wei Wang and Lan Cai. Superplasticity of SiCw/Zn-22Al composites. Journal of Material Science and Technology. 2004, 20 (2): 172-174. 《SCI》《EI》

26.许晓静, 夏登福, 卓刘成, 郝欣妮, 宗亮. 镁基材表面磁控溅射DLC/SiC薄膜的摩擦磨损性能. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2009, 38 (s2): 547-551.《SCI》

27.许晓静, 陈康敏, 戴峰泽, 蔡兰. SiCp增强2024铝基复合材料超塑性的研究. 金属学报. 2002, 38(5): 544-548.《SCI》《EI》

28.X. J. Xu, L. Cai and S. S. Kim. An investigation on high strain rate superplasticity of an Al-Cu-Mg-Ti-Sr ingot alloy. Mater. Sci. Forum. 2004, 471-472: 692-696. 《SCI》《EI》

29.Xu Xiaojing, Wang Wei, Cai Lan. Superplasticity of a SiC particulate reinforced 6A02Al matrix composite. Rare Metals. 2004, 23 (1): 84-87. 《SCI》《EI》

30.Xu Xiaojing, Zhao Changzheng, Zhang Di, Shi Zhongliang, and Wu Renji. High strain rate superplasticity of sic whisker reinforced pure aluminum composite. Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China. 1999, 9 (3): 500. 《SCI》《EI》

31.Xiao Jing Xu, Seock Sam Kim, Kang Min Chen, Qi fu Luo, Yong Shi Zheng. Analysis of the Failure of Turbocharger Shaft Bearing in Diesel Engines. Key Engineering Materials. 2005, 297-300: 1376-1381. 《SCI》《EI》

32.Xiao Jing Xu, Seock Sam Kim, Yong Shi Zheng. Improvement of Strength in 2024 Al Alloy by Enhanced Solution Treatment. Key Engineering Materials. 2005, 297-300: 2362-2367.《SCI》《EI》

33.许晓静, 张雪峰, 曹进琪, 汪建敏, 蒋维平. 常规固溶态2024铝合金ECAP加工后的拉伸性能. 稀有金属材料与工程 2006, 35 (s2): 395-397.《SCI》《EI》

34.Xu Xiaojing, Cao Jinqi, Cheng Xiaonong, Mo Jiping. Tensile Properties of 2024 Al Alloy Processed by Enhanced Solid-Solution and Equal-Channel Angular Pressing. Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China. 2006, 16(s 3): 1541-1544.《SCI》

35.Xu Xiaojing, Shi Lianjie. Low temperature superplasticity of 40Cr steel. J. Iron Steel Res.Int. 2004, 11(4): 56-58.《SCI》

36.许晓静, 姜玉杰, 陆树显, 曹进琪, 邵红红, 高建昌. SiC薄膜对纳米结构Ti拉伸和摩擦学性能的影响. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2007, 36(s1): 911-914. 《SCI》

37.许晓静, 郝欣妮, 陆树显, 卓刘成, 夏登福. 纳米晶体Ti表面磁控溅射SiC薄膜的干摩擦学性能. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2011, 40 (6): 991-994.《SCI》《EI》

38.许晓静, 王彬, 吴桂潮, 张福豹, 宋涛, 罗勇, 程晓农. 锶微合金化的高锌2099型铝合金抗晶间腐蚀及剥蚀性能研究. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2011, 40 (s2): 248-251.《SCI》

39.罗勇, 许晓静, 宋涛, 吴桂潮, 王彬, 张福豹, 成城. 强化固溶处理对7085 铝合金晶间腐蚀和剥落腐蚀性能的影响. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2012, 41 (s2): 262-265. 《SCI》

40.宋涛, 许晓静, 范真, 罗勇, 王彬, 吴桂潮, 张振强, 张允康. 强化固溶处理对含Sr 2099型铝锂合金组织和位错强化的影响. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2012, 41 (s2): 373-376.《SCI》

41.成城, 许晓静, 费震旦, 蒋凌, 罗勇. 200℃和400℃退火对ECAP形变40Cr钢拉伸性能与位错强化的影响. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2012, 41 (s2): 439-442. 《SCI》

42.张允康, 许晓静,罗勇,宋涛,王宏宇,吴桂潮, 张振强. 7075铝合金强化固溶T76处理后的拉伸与剥落腐蚀性能. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2012, 41 (s2): 612-615. 《SCI》

43.许晓静, 宋涛, 范真, 罗勇, 王彬, 吴桂潮, 张振强, 张允康. 含Sc 2099型铝锂合金的组织和位错强化. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2012, 41 (s2): 621-624. 《SCI》

44.盛新兰, 许晓静, 刘敏, 张体峰. 纳米晶Ti表面磁控溅射SiC薄膜在高载荷下的摩擦磨损性能. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2012, 41 (s2): 722-725. 《SCI》

45.蒋凌, 许晓静, 费震旦, 朱新董, 成 城. 摩擦与通道夹角对轧制驱动等通道转角大应变技术的影响. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2012, 42 (s2): 786-791. 《SCI》

46.许晓静, 刘敏, 张体峰, 凌智勇, 盛新兰, 陈丹. 超细晶TiNi表面磁控溅射CNx薄膜的纳米压痕与摩擦性能. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2013, 42 (3): 585-588. 《SCI》《EI》

47.许晓静, 盛新兰, 张体峰, 刘敏, 牛小丫, 朱利华. 超细晶纯钛材电化学抛光表面生物相容性研究. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2013, 42 (10): 2053-2056.《SCI》《EI》

48.于春杭, 邵红红, 许晓静. 钛基材纳米化对TiO2薄膜力学性能的影响. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2012, 41(2): 320-323.《SCI》《EI》

49.程晓农, 汝金明, 莫纪平, 许晓静. 固溶-大应变-后续热处理态AZ31镁合金的组织和性能. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2009, 38(11): 1950-1954. 《SCI》《EI》

50.许晓静, 张允康, 罗勇, 张振强, 宋涛, 吴桂潮, 吴瑶, 邓平安, 蒋凌. 7085铝合金强化固溶T7652处理后的拉伸与晶间腐蚀性能. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2013, 42 (s2): 393-396.《SCI》

51.张振强, 许晓静, 宋涛, 张允康, 罗勇, 吴瑶, 邓平安. 热机械加工对2099铝锂合金挤压材的组织与抗腐蚀性能的影响. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2013, 42 (12): 2619-2624.《SCI》《EI》

52.牛小丫, 许晓静, 盛新兰, 张体峰, 刘敏, 朱利华. 超细晶纯钛材阳极氧化表面生物相容性研究. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2014, 43 (1): 241-244.《SCI》《EI》

53.张福豹,许晓静,张允康,张振强,吴瑶. 反复镦压6013型铝合金的组织和性能. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2014, 43 (11): 2819-2823.《SCI》《EI》

54.卢予东, 许晓静, 陆文俊, 蒋 凌, 马文海, 郭云飞, 王子路. 轧制驱动-ECA大应变纯铝的强化机理. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2015, 44 (6): 1451-1454. 《SCI》《EI》

55.许晓静, 蒋凌, 陆文俊, 卢予东, 费震旦, 成城. 轧制及后续热处理对5052铝拉伸性能与晶体取向的影响. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2014, 43 (1): 245-248.《SCI》《EI》

56.陶俊, 许晓静, 戈晓岚, 刘云辉, 宋振华, 何星华, 吴桂兰. 氧化镧对TC4钛合金固体渗硼的影响. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2014, 43 (8): 1959-1963. 《SCI》《EI》

57.莫纪平, 程晓农, 邓平安, 许晓静, 吴瑶, 蒋伟. 多向压缩对7085型铝合金组织与力学性能的影响. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2015, 44 (8): 2003-2006.《SCI》《EI》

58.许晓静, 徐琳,牛小丫,丁建宁,朱利华. 纯钛材与大变形纯钛材微弧氧化膜层的力学性能研究. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2017, 46(2): 473-478. 《SCI》《EI》

59.何星华, 许晓静, 戈晓岚, 陶俊, 仲奕颖, 刘庆辉,吴桂兰. TC4钛合金表面激光熔覆含La2O3的F101镍基涂层. 稀有金属材料与工程, 2017, 46(4): 1074-1079. 《SCI》《EI》

60.许晓静, 蒋伟, 邓平安, 谈成, 孙良省, 范亚洲, 张香丽. 预回复对Al-11.5Zn-3.5Mg-2.3Cu-0.24Zr挤压材固溶-T652组织与性能的影响. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2017, 46(3): 796-801. 《SCI》《EI》

61.许晓静, 王子路, 陆文俊, 郭云飞, 马文海, 陈洋,  徐驰, 张景玉. 固溶-大变形-时效下7085铝合金的强化机理. 稀有金属材料与工程, 2017, 46(4): 1008-1012.《SCI》《EI》

62.吴桂兰, 许晓静, 戈晓岚, . TC4钛合金表面激光合金化制备Ti-Si涂层. 稀有金属材料与工程, 2017, 46(7): 1949-1953. 《SCI》《EI》

63.朱利华,吴刘军,许晓静,陈婷卓. 粉末冶金制备TNZS 基生物材料的组成、结构和性能. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2017, 46(8): 2271-2277.《SCI》《EI》

64.朱利华, 吴刘军, 许晓静, 陈婷卓. 粉末冶金制备TNZS基生物材料的体外组织相容性.  稀有金属材料与工程. 2017, 46(9): 2601-2606. 《SCI》《EI》

65.许晓静,朱金鑫, 郭云飞,马文海,王子路,徐驰. 固溶-冷变形-时效工艺下超高强Al-Zn-Mg-Cu系铝合金组织及性能. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2017, 46(10): 2981-2986. 《SCI》《EI》

66.张景玉, 许晓静, 阮鸿雁, 马文海, 王子路, 郭云飞. 热机械处理对Al-10.78Zn-2.78Mg-2.59Cu-0.22Zr-0.047Sr铝合金固溶时效态组织及力学性能的影响. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2017, 46(10): 3033-3037. 《SCI》《EI》

67.戈晓岚,仲奕颖,许晓静,陶 俊,刘庆辉,吴桂兰,何星华. TC4钛合金表面激光合金化Ti-Al-Nb涂层的研究. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2017, 46(8): 2266-2270.《SCI》《EI》

68.吴刘军, 许晓静, 陈婷卓, 朱利华. 球磨冷压烧结制备TNZS基生物材料的摩擦学性能. 稀有金属材料与工程.. 2017, 46(12): 3928-3934.《SCI》《EI》

69.刘庆辉,许晓静,戈晓岚,吴桂兰,仲奕颖,何星华,韩天,陈洋.  添加Cu对Ti-16.28Si合金的高温抗氧化行为的影响研究. 稀有金属材料与工程 . 2018, 47(1): 267-273.《SCI》《EI》

70.丁清, 许晓静, 张景玉, 徐驰, 陈洋, 汪成松, 朱金鑫, 杨帆. 预回复对Al-10.78Zn-2.78Mg-2.59Cu-0.22Zr-0.047Sr铝合金组织与性能的影响. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2018, 47(4): 1226-1231.《SCI》《EI》

71.许晓静, 赵建吉, 谈成, 张香丽, 杨帆, 朱金鑫. 不同形变储能超高强铝合金在不同升温过程中的微结构演变. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2018, 47(6): 1793-1799.《SCI》《EI》

72.戈晓岚, 韩天, 许晓静, 刘庆辉, 吴刘军,仲奕颖. Ti-8Si-xZr-yY2O3合金的摩擦磨损性能研究. 稀有金属材料与工程. 2018, 47(5): 1492-1496.《SCI》《EI》

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